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In a game of inches, this one inched the wrong way

Tim's picture

If you expected the Patriots to turn the ball over four times (including two Brady interceptions,) lose the time of possession battle, and let Tony Romo throw for 317 yards, you are smarter than I am. If you expected them to do all that and win, you are drunker than I am. And I have a pretty good buzz going.
But that's what happpened. If Romo's interception had happened in the fourth quarter, we would all forget Brady's two interceptions. If Choice's fumble had happened in the fourth, we would all forget the Patriots' two fumbles. Instead, we got a tie game coming into the fourth, neither team turned it over in the final frame, and the Patriots won it 7-3.
With all the good press the Brady-led Patriots tend to get, I was surprised to see how closely matched the two teams appeared to be in both talent and stupidity. If the Cowboys make the Super Bowl, I will be surprised. If the Patriots make the Super Bowl, they will lose.
I think I have three or four series of plays where I could rip Garrett's playcalling, but I am not going to do that. I don't think there is any question he overcompensated at the end, but up by 3 with 3 minutes left is not teh same as up by 24 with 25 minutes left.
Oops, I said I wouldn't do that. But I was thinking about criticising the empty backfield shotgun spread in a tie game with 4 minutes left, already in field goal range. THAT was the time to run the clock, if that's your strategy. Why do you take a shot there, but tuck it away when you ahve a chance to put the game away?
Oops, I did it again.
Goats? Romo. Austin. Spencer. Sensabaugh. Garrett. And all would be heroes if this were a win.
I could go on. Dallas has had the toughest schedule in the NFL to this point in the season (by far.) I've seen enough positives to think that they can turn this season around and make a serious run.