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Danny Smith's blog

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Why the Philly game should hopefully be an anomally...

I have been very busy with no time to write or even any time to review the Philly debacle so anyone who has reviewed the game in more detail feel free to chime in and correct me.

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Breaking down the Patroits game

Have to make it quick today...

The keys to todays game are fairly simple. There are 2 main things that make New England's offense so effective - the time Brady gets to watch patterns develop and the mismatches they can create by spreading the field and having 2 outstanding tight ends and a devastating slot receiver in welker.

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Bottom line - this team needs to learn how to play with a lead...

I wrote in an article earlier this year that I was worried about this team not being able to play with a lead. I am now more worried than ever. 

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Detroit game preview...please don't believe all the "experts"

If there is one thing I have found out through all my years of watching sports it is this - if all of the "experts" are chiming in on a topic they almost always turn out to be wrong. Even former players and coaches, who should know more about the game that sportswriters, get caught up in this as well. They all just find a bandwagon and jump on it usually with very little technical analysis to back up any of their "expert" opinions. 

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Washington Game Assessment and the reason I write these articles...

Before I dive into the Washington game from last night, I would like to tell you a little bit about why I write these articles. Basically, it is so someone, hopefully even someone with some decision-making power, will listen. I do know some players have been on our site before - they have told me so. I have sat down in the past and actually read some of the articles with them back in the days when I used to be back stage before the Cowboys radio show at The Glass Cactus in Grapevine, TX. Those days are behind me and I have had no contact with any players for a little while.

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