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Tim's blog

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Is the window even open any more?

Let's not even talk about talent right now – the three straight seasons at or below .500 tell us enough about the talent. If that isn't enough to get the team to start a serious rebuilding, then how about this: the Cowboys are getting old.

By the time next season rolls around, Tony Romo will be 33 years old. Witten will be 31. Starting fullback Lawrence Vickers will be 30 as will center Ryan Cook. On the defensive line, Kenyon Coleman will be 34, Ratliff 32, Hatcher 31 and Marcus Spears 30. DeMarcus Ware will be 31, as will starting safety Gerald Sensabaugh.

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The defense did its part tonight - the offense needs the off-season to figure out how to play again

I hope we can all agree that this one is not on the defense. This was one of the worst offensive performances of the year. Not the playcalling, which was fine, but the execution.

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Third down, schmird down. The Saints punted just as often as Dallas did - except in overtime.

Sometimes we get get a little too hung up on just one line in the stat sheet, and try to take more meaning from it than we should. For example, numerous commentators have been saying that the reason Dallas lost was that the Saints offense did a much better job converting third downs.

The numbers would seem to support that, with the Saints converting eleven of nineteen third downs, and Cowboys only two of ten. So the Dallas defense just couldn't get the Saints off the field - right?

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Did Dallas "abandon the run" against New Orleans?

I saw some commentary this morning suggesting that Garrett "gave up on the run" yesterday, because Murray only get 11 carries, and no other running back had even one, despite the fact that it wasn't a two score game until the fourth quarter.

Let me break it down for you, because in this case, those numbers are a little deceiving.

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Two explosive offenses and flawed defenses score 65 points in an overtime game. Big surprise.

First, let's talk about what this game did not mean.

It didn't mean the defense is bad. The squad Kirk Harralson called Rob Ryan's "Island of Misfit Toys" was never going to win this one – not against the New Orleans passing offense. They were woefully overmatched. They did a great job, all things considered, containing New Orleans Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. Unfortunately, that meant the Running Backs were free to catch 15 passes for 162 yards and one TD, with Darren Sproles turning in a 104 yard receiving day.

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