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Tim's blog

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Open the Steel Curtain - let the Star shine in

Dallas is now 3-0 in December. No matter what happens the next two weeks, they will have a winning record in the final month, so, as Yoda would say, "Up the shut f***"

It would be easy to be disappointed with the many blown plays and penalties (as usual.) But the fact is that these were two inconsistent 7-6 teams with injury issues, both of which had something to play for. Should we have been surprised they went to overtime? No.

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Ugly? Put lipstick on it - I'll take it to the prom.

When Eli Manning plays a bad game but wins anyway, and Tony Romo plays a great game and loses (see here for an example of both in one game.) I get kind of agitated because I know I have to listen to how Eli is the December, clutch, awesome quarterback and Romo just doesn't have what it takes. When Romo has a bad day and wins anyway? I'll take it.

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Theory vs. reality for the Cowboys' play-off hopes

It's that crazy time of year when the parity-driven NFL keeps mathematical hope alive for all kinds of teams that have no real shot at the playoffs – and no shot of making it past the first round if they happen to stumble in to what Bill Parcells used to call "the tournament."

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Is Romo better than Aikman?

I knew that headline would get you to read this. You're probably very angry that I would suggest such a possibility (even though Aikman did so himself.) After all, everybody knows that Romo is a bumbling turnover machine, right? He's just not a winner like Aikman, right? Aikman was one of the most accurate passers of all time, and owns three Super Bowl rings.

Let's take a look at a few things that might surprise you.

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Despite what ESPN may say, Dallas is not really "in the hunt" (but I hope the players think they are)

I said before the game that if the offense didn't show up, it would be anybody's game. Well, they showed up late, but they did show up. I guess this is just how Dallas plays this year. Get down early, make a comeback later.

Four of the team's six wins this season have been fourth quarter comebacks. The other two were one-score wins.

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