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Tim's blog

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Unless the offense shows up, tonight will be anybody's game

The Cowboys can't use injuries as an excuse against a team that is missing its starting QB, RB, top pass rusher and star WR. Their Center is questionable, too.

We talk a lot about the Cowboys' lack of a running game this year. This stat might help illustrate that: Tony Romo, who averaged 34.2 pass attempts per game through the end of last season, is averaging 41.5 attempts per game this season. That's only third in the league – but the sixth highest all-time. The difference between this year and his career average amounts almost another quarter of football every week.

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To rebuild, you really need a foundation first

Since the season is effectively over, I thought I'd jot down a few post-mortem thoughts. No comments here on coaching – that's a subject for another time. All I want to look at now is the players, and where the team needs improvement.

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Digging a hole, then coming back, while effective against Cleveland, did not work today

On Thanksgiving the Cowboys showed us their very best and their very worst. Their worst ranks down with the very worst in the whole league. Their best - well, its okay, I guess, but it just isn't good enough.

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Yes, Cleveland really is a bad team. Washington? They're only one game behind Dallas.

I know I am usually a silver lining guy, but I have heard so many people explain that "Cleveland is probably better than their record. You know they haven't been getting blown out in their losses."

Cleveland has lost 8 games so far. Five of them they lost by 7 or fewer points, including one in OT.

The Dave Campo Cowboys lost 33 games from 2000-2002. Nineteen of those losses were by 7 or fewer, four of them in overtime. That's about the same percentage of close games as Cleveland's got this year. And guess what? Those Cowboys were bad, and so is Cleveland.

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Cowboys win with unique strategy - practice during first half instead of during the week before the game

Last week, I asked on our Facebook page about who you would trust more - the defense to hold a 3 point lead inside 2 minutes, or the offense to regain the lead inside 2 minutes. We got an answer today as the offense came back to tie after the defense gave up the lead.

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