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Tim's blog

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Saved by the Pack. The redheaded genius makes next week a must-win

I am rarely this utterly speechless after a game. I had all kinds of notes about Romo, the defense, injuries to Ware and Robinson, the secondary, the Arizona defense, Larry Fitzgerald...etc. But it all came down to this:

It's 3d and 11 from the Arizona 46. Romo, under pressure, fires a strike to Dez Bryant over the middle for 15 yards and a first down. There are 23 seconds on the clock, and Dallas has two time-outs left.

What do you do, coach?

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Can we please stop the idiotic talk about "December records?"

It's that time of year again. The time when the laziest members of the football media trot out the "Romo's not at his best in December" tripe.

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Romo was both goat and hero...again

There was an old joke that the reason Texas Stadium had a hole in the roof was so that God could watch his team. On a beautiful day, with temperatures around 60, the roof was closed, and Dallas struggled mightily to get past an inferior team.
Memo to Jerry: God is angry.
It is a little tough to assess this game. The 3-7 Dolphins are really not a bad team. They have a tough defense. They have some playmakers on offense. They have a QB that Dallas fans wanted to keep a couple of years ago.

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Dallas posts second-best score of the season given up by Redskins defense

This was not Romo's best game. He missed some open receivers – badly –  and didn't generate a lot of successful drives for half the game.
It was not the offensive line's best game, giving up four sacks and not generating much of a push for the running backs.
It was not the running backs' best game, ending up with about three yards per carry.

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Cowboys dominate - finally breaking the old pattern of close games?

I'm not sure where to begin. How about with some records set today?
Jason Witten passed Ozzie Newsome on the all-time receptions list for Tight Ends. Tony Romo set two new franchise marks - the best single game completion percentage (88.5%) and most career games with three or more TD passes (21.)

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