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Tim's blog

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In a game of inches, this one inched the wrong way

If you expected the Patriots to turn the ball over four times (including two Brady interceptions,) lose the time of possession battle, and let Tony Romo throw for 317 yards, you are smarter than I am. If you expected them to do all that and win, you are drunker than I am. And I have a pretty good buzz going.

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If the Cowboys ever play two full halves of football, they will be one heck of a team

For the third week in a row, it was a tale of two halves. The difference is that the previous two games Dallas was terrible in the first half, but managed to come back and win in the second. Today, they looked unstoppable in the first half, and managed a collapse of historic proportions in the second.

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Another Cowboys redskins classic: close, ugly and weird

I hardly know what to say, other than that I don't think I can take a whole season like this.
First of all, 3:44 remaining, Dallas trails by one and the ball is on the 14 yardline. Hey, kids, what time is it?
It's Romo time.
I won't regale you with Romo praise here, because if you watched the game, Jon Gruden's man-crush probably overloaded you on that sort of thing already. I know it was too much for me - and that's saying something.

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What a win... by a TEAM

You know it was an exciting game when you get exhausted just watching it. Anyway, last week I tried to spread the blame around because football is a team sport. Nothing's changed, so let's spread some credit around:

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Ho-Hum. Romo wins a September game...

Well, let's make the obvious points first:
Down by ten, on the road, 11:12 left in the game, and playing with a fractured rib that had sent him to the locker room for most of the third quarter, here is all Tony Romo did in the fourth quarter and overtime:

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