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Can our Boys do it?

Danny Smith's picture

Well - my wife and I will be at the game today - I will be watching her do her job - trying to get the fans as pumped up and excited before the game as possible. Then we get passes to get into the stadium to try to find a seat - should be interesting. Let´s hope for a great game and a victory by our Boys.

Everything - all the talk, all the offseason workouts, all the games - none of it matters right now. All that matters is what happens today and after today.

I expect TO to be a warrior - this guy REALLY brings it in the playoffs. Romo - your job is to get him the ball IF YOU CAN - DO NOT FORCE IT.
Take a lesson from Mr. Brady last night who threw only 1 pass to Moss and they still beat a great Jacksonville team. Of course, Brady always has time to balance his checkbook back there so of course you can go to 3-4 checkdowns, turn your back completely on the defense, etc, etc...

Do not forget about Mr. Glenn - I am sure TO will get most of the defensive attention so Glenn and Crayton have to be key. Witten is a given - he is the blanket to use when all else fails. I just can not see how the Giants can neutralize all these weapons so it is the job of T. Romo to get the ball to the right person. Should be interesting...

On defense - without Shockey in the game I am more concerned with the running game. I do not want this game to be a grind it out game - let´s make it a shootout. We do that and we should win given our Pro Bowl caliber weapons compared to theirs. So - make them throw it and we will capitalize off of an Eli mistake at some point.

Those of you in the chat room today - I will miss the discussion but at least my superstitions cannot kick in every 10 minutes making me log off when they do not play well!

Oh well time to get ready to go to the Stadium. As always I hope to see a few of you there - come by and say hello - I think I will go with the Staubach jersey today so find me or ask my wife on stage where I am at and we have a drink together before/after the game.

GO COWBOYS - smoke the Giants today!