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Cowboys win with unique strategy - practice during first half instead of during the week before the game

Tim's picture

Last week, I asked on our Facebook page about who you would trust more - the defense to hold a 3 point lead inside 2 minutes, or the offense to regain the lead inside 2 minutes. We got an answer today as the offense came back to tie after the defense gave up the lead.

Or did we? The defense held on 4th and goal at the one, then the offense failed to get a first down and punted. Then the defense coughed up the lead with a minute remaining. Then the offense came back to tie it and win in OT. And that whole sequence started when the offense coughed the ball up on a Romo fumble with five minutes remaining, just when they should have been padding the lead.

In the first half, both squads were miserable. Cleveland punted only once in the first half and built up a 13-0 lead.

The Dallas offense, shut out in the first half, scored on three straight drives in the second, moving to a 17-14 lead.

The only thing I can figure out is that since Dallas obviously does not practice during the week, the first half serves as practice. Against the Browns, that's enough, it seems. Against quality opponents, I'd like to suggest to Coach Garrett that a few mid-week reps wouldn't hurt. Once again we saw "miscommunications" which is a nice way of saying "these guys have no idea what they are supposed to be doing."

I will get the excuses out of the way for the offensive line: Tyron Smith left in the first quarter, leaving Left Tackle to be covered by Jeremy Parnell. With Ryan Cook and Phil Costa both injured, McKenzy Bernadeau played Center, with Derrick Dockery out at Guard. That's back-ups at three of the five positions, two of them with no prior experience at that spot.

But seven sacks? And only 63 rushing yards, including two Romo scrambles, which, as far as the OL is concerned, probably ought to count as sacks. Felix Jones and Lance Dunbar combined for 3.1 per carry and a total of 53 yards, while Romo threw the ball 50 times. Add in the sacks and scrambles and that's 59 passing plays and 19 running plays. That's not unbalanced playcalling - that's complete incompetence in the running game. The team ranks dead last in the NFL in rushing yards per attempt.

"I didn't give up on the run - the run gave up on me."

In a couple of days, the Redskins come to town. They seem to do well against bad teams, so here's hoping the first half Cowboys take a day off and let the second half Cowboys play the whole 60 minutes. For now, Dallas is one game out of first place.

As Clint Eastwood said in "Unforgiven," "Deserve's got nothing to do with it."