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Dallas only has two problems, really.

Tim's picture

From what we saw tonight, the good news is that Dallas only really has two problems:

1. They can't stop anything.
2. They can't score.

So if they just tweak those two things during the bye week, this could be a really great year.

Let's start with Romo. The first three interceptions were not on him. The third was really a fumble., but since it was caught in the air, it goes down as an INT. The fourth, in Gruden's opinion during the game, was the result of miscommunication. Who knows whose fault that was. The fifth? I don't know. Looked underthrown to me - a little more air and it's complete. Or dropped.

We also saw Bryant drop 138 passes - or so it seemed. Murray fumbled twice, losing neither. Technically, the second was a Romo fumble, since Murray bobbled and dropped a pitch into his hands, but that was all Murray.

As always, Romo was under duress on most plays, and the running game was non-existent. Murray finished with 24 yards on 11 carries.

On the other side of the ball, the defense generated no pressure for most of the game. While Forte finished with 4 yards per carry, he was getting 6 per carry - on a gimpy ankle - when the game was still competitive. The defense gave up big play after big play, generated little pressure and had no answer to Matt Forte while game was in reach.

I guess the good news is that the penalty problem seems to be cleared up - only two for ten yards tonight.

So who to blame? The GM for not signing an offensive line? Bryant for being this week's marquee dropper? Romo? The defense?

Like I said last week - if everybody is to blame, one guy is to blame: the head coach.

There, I said it.

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As usual, just to keep it interesting, I'll get a little disputational...How does a head coach make a silk purse from a sow's ear?
Should a mediocre OL be able to do better than this line has done so far? Smith was certainly a fancied prospect coming out of the draft and did reasonably well last year at RT, but it's a big ask to move to LT and hold up when the rest of the line is so poor.
Is it a scheme thing, with the team not taking to Callahan's coaching? He came from the Jets who ranked worse than Dallas in just about every OL related category last year. Who was responsible for the hire? Jones or Garrett?
What's the story on Rob Ryan? Sure they came into tonight - statistically - the best defense in the league, but they had absolutely nothing to slow down the Bears when it counted. They surrendered four scoring drives of 67 yards or more and were spared the embarrassment of worse by the truly nightmarish performance from the O. Everybody says this is a hugely talented defensive roster, but surely the absence of Church, Ratliff and Spencer shouldn't be enough to render them incapable of pressurizing a notoriously fragile talent such as Cutler? Instead of leaning on him hard, they made him look like a pocket king. Who hired Ryan? Jones or Garrett?
It seems that for all Garrett's mature composure, the team is finally reaching the terminal stages of a bad case of blowhard bluster...It doesn't matter who Jones hires as HC, inevitably he becomes the titular leader of not the Dallas Cowboys, but Jerry Jones' Dallas Cowboys....and in that there is a world of difference.
 PS. None of that means that I think Garrett is a good HC. I just think he has gone the way of all other talented coaches that have and will pass through Jerryworld.