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Did anybody record the NYG game???? My wife erased it off my TiVo

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Did anybody record the NY Giants game this week???? (11-11-07) My wife erased it off of our TiVo, thought it was the game earlier this season. Can anybody send me a tape?

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Danny Smith
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Ouch - I have the exact same problem! I was looking to see if it is going to be shown on NFL Replay this week. If anyone sees a replay date for this game can you post it here?

Thanks very much!

Danny Smith Creator and Administrator

Danny Smith
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Anyone out there wanna go to the Thanksgiving game on the 22nd? I have an extra ticket only $75 (which is a bargain if you've checked ticket prices these days) and it's on the shady side upper corner. I have the 2 aisle seats. If you're interested email my at
I'm coming in from out of town and like to party in the corral and I'm staying at a nearby hotel. Happy
Thanksgiving ya'll!

aka Mary

ali22 (not verified)
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