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Kevin Burnett and other musings...

Danny Smith's picture

Anyone else dissapointed by the fact our 2nd round pick from a few years ago is probably going to end up being a role player? Right now it looks as though he is probably going to be relegated to nickel LB duties - I just don't see any room for him in the rotation otherwise.

Our LB rotation is looking crowded isn't it? Right now the biggest mystery to me is what we do with Carpenter and Ellis. Here is how I see the starting lineup at LB:


Backups are Burnett for Ware and Carpenter for Spencer. But of course we also have Ellis. I can see us moving Ellis from one side to the other to backup Ware/Spencer and I like that role for him (also DE in the nickel). But, where does all this leave Carpenter? I guess he could be a backup in the middle but wow I think that wastes his talent on the outside.

I guess having too many good players can never be a bad thing but man it hurts to see 1st and 2nd round picks as role players!