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My musings about the draft

Danny Smith's picture

I was a little worried when the Boys came up and Quinn was still on the board. Were any of you worried that our man Romo was not going to get a fair shot at this job and always have to look over his shoulder? I was...I am glad the Boys did what they did - the trade was brilliant in my opinion. As far as the rest of the draft...I would say pretty standard by Cowboys standards. They took:

a) the usual pass rushing DE/hybrid LB - Spencer seems like a quality pick - he doesn't have the measurables that Merriman or even Ware had coming out of college so I am not sure about all the comparisons but we'll see

b) the usual gaggle of OL projects but this crop seems to be stronger than crops from the past - did anyone really think Jacob Rodgers was going to be a dominant player in the NFL with all his past injuries?

The two picks that intrigue me the most:

Stanback, Folk and Courtney Brown.

Stanback because of his raw athletic ability and multi-position talent

Folk because I have been waiting for some new kicker blood to come through here for a long time. The last great kicker I thought we had in camp was Matt Bryant and before him Lindell

Courtney Brown because he has incredible measureables and tremendous upside - I am itching to see this kid in camp!

More on all this later

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Dan I agree with your overall assessment of our draft, however I do believe that adding Spencer to the mix and having Ware in here now could prove to be a double whammy in a good way.

With Ellis getting longer in the tooth and Ware coming into his own, we possibly could have another disruptive force on the other side rushing the QB and that can never be a bad thing. From all I have read Spencer is a very solid player with very good (to great reading some comments) defensive player. Two bookend pass rushers either at LB or DL is a luxury today. Add both Ware and then Spencer to the mix and it not only puts pressure FINALLY on opposing QB's but strengthens our LB's corp and makes our secondary that much better because they won't be having to cover WR's for 45 seconds each time.

"There is the Star and then there is everything else"

There is the Star and then there is everything else