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Welcome to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network - join us it's free!

That's me in the picture with Tony Romo. We have participated in a few functions together since 2006 - he is a great guy and a good friend to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network. You can get more detailed information on The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network and hear the story about how I got to know Tony Romo here

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Cowboys try to beat themselves again - mistakenly beat Panthers

When the Dallas Cowboys have their minds set on beating themselves, they are tough to ... beat? But today, with a little perseverance, a few breaks, and an opponent with problems of their own, Dallas came out on top, despite their now-expected failure to score.

It was a win, so I don't want to re-hash everything that went wrong, but I do want to point out a few specific times when key players left points on the field.

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Cowboys' mental mistakes are not a bug - they're a feature

I returned from a long couple weeks of travel last night, and, masochist that I am, I finally watched my recording of the game. How incredibly frustrating to see the team do so many good things, but still manage to sabotage themselves with so many bad things.

Think about this: Dallas held the ball for over 40 minutes, went 8 of 15 on third down, 2 for 2 on 4th down, put up 481 yards - 227 of them rushing and only punted once. Yet they screwed up enough to reverse all of that, because make no mistake about it: the Cowboys beat themselves on Sunday.

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Dallas only has two problems, really.

From what we saw tonight, the good news is that Dallas only really has two problems:

1. They can't stop anything.
2. They can't score.

So if they just tweak those two things during the bye week, this could be a really great year.

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Dallas at Seattle: don't worry - they didn't practice this week. Right?

I hardly know where to begin, so let me start with Moose Johnston's late game comment about how Jason Garrett always has his guys prepared.

Sorry, Moose, you're wrong.

I like Jason Garrett, but if the Barry Switzer or Wade Phillips Cowboys laid an egg like this, we wouldn't be praising the coach. Special Teams gave up ten points, the defense made a rookie QB look like Joe Montana and the offense couldn't catch a cold or convert European voltage on their laptops. (Sorry - ran out of metaphors.) As Phil Yewdall says, "When all three phases fail, you blame the coach."

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Romo's "best game ever?" No, Cris Collinsworth, we disagree

At ESPN, Tim MacMahon disagrees with Cris Collinsworth (as we all did) for saying during the broadcast that this was Romo's best game of his career. MacMahon lists the following as his choices for top five:

1. Cowboys 27, 49ers 24 (Sept. 18, 2011) - double digit, 4th quarter comeback against top defense – with a broken rib and punctured lung.


Quiz, not really a poll (so don't look it up.) Which QB has the lowest Career Interception Percentage in Cowboys history?
Roger Staubach
Tony Romo
Danny White
Don Meredith
Troy Aikman
Total votes: 7