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Welcome to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network - join us it's free!

That's me in the picture with Tony Romo. We have participated in a few functions together since 2006 - he is a great guy and a good friend to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network. You can get more detailed information on The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network and hear the story about how I got to know Tony Romo here

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The good, the bad and the ugly in the Meadowlands

First, a quiz for you (answer at the end): What do Patrick Crayton, Laurent Robinson and Kevin Ogletree have in common?

It's always hard to know what to take away from the season opener. While it is tempting to say "the Cowboys are Super Bowl Bound" I think the more likely take is "the Giants might really, really suck this year."


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2012 Season Game Chats

There are 16 chats in this chatroom.
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Feeling better after the second preseason game

With two preseason games under our belts now, we can start to make some assessments. Fortunately, those assessments are a lot more positive following the game in San Diego than they would have been following the team's performance in Oakland. So here are my random, rambling thoughts:

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Here's what I'll be looking for in tomorrow's preseason opener

The Cowboys play their first preseason game tomorrow against the Raiders. Here are a few things I'll be watching closely (even though I don't expect to learn much from some of them):

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After Jerry's big shopping spree, is the team better?

In a couple of frenzied days of free agent shopping, the Cowboys have picked up two guards, both with starting experience, a fullback, a linebacker, a back-up quarterback, a free safety and one of the top free agent corners in the league. It's the most free agents the team has signed since the modern free agent era began in 1993.


Quiz, not really a poll (so don't look it up.) Which QB has the lowest Career Interception Percentage in Cowboys history?
Roger Staubach
Tony Romo
Danny White
Don Meredith
Troy Aikman
Total votes: 7