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Welcome to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network - join us it's free!

That's me in the picture with Tony Romo. We have participated in a few functions together since 2006 - he is a great guy and a good friend to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network. You can get more detailed information on The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network and hear the story about how I got to know Tony Romo here

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Jason Garrett...the future of the Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett should become the head coach if he is offered a job to move on elsewhere. Plain and simple we cannot afford to lose him. I know it is early, but he has honestly been winning us games with his ability to feel the flow of the game and make the right adjustments.

He did the right thing in the Chicago game - don´t force the run if it isn´t there. I love the fact we came out in the second half of the Chicago game and started throwing on every down! It was exactly the right tactical and strategic move and it caused us to get right back into the flow of the game.

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Who will be at the game this weekend?

OK - who is going to be at Texas Stadium this weekend? I will be there in The Corral - my wife will be performing with the band Le Freak there for 2 hours prior to the game and 2 hours after. If anyone wants to come say hello just walk up to her and ask her to point me out - she wil be wearing the pink wig on stage. I will probably be wearing my Staubach jersey and standing near the soundboard area so you could find me that way too...

Hope to meet some of you at Texas Stadium this season!

Go Cowboys!

-Danny Smith

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Coverage concerns...

OK - it's official now after seeing Houston return the first punt for a TD tonight...our special teams coverage units are struggling! We had guys who looked lost running in the wrong lanes all over the field. This was something that was never a problem in the Parcells era - the attention to detail on special teams was excellent...

I hope we start to give this the attention it needs or we are in for a long season of giving up the "hidden yards" that Bill always talked about...

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Game 2 impressions

Ok - a lot of you will get to see the game on the NFL network today so maybe you can compare notes with me on this stuff...

I don't have much time to go into overall details but I will hit some blurbs.

Players who stood out:

Marion Barber - I will write a separate article about this later - he needs to be the starter and majority ball carrier on this team

Kevin Burnett - granted it was on the second team but he looked absolutely dominant the whole time he was in the game - this guy is ready for lots of playing time this season

Nick Folk - that 52 yarder would have been good from about 57 and it was right down the middle

Marcus Spears and Jason Ferguson - look a lot more active

Isiah Stanback - great fingertip grab over the shoulder in the end zone

Patrick Crayton - continues to get open and make plays

Tyson Thompson - is simply the fastest guy on the field when he is in the game - consistently outruns everyone to the corner and is now learning to cut back inside to finish plays correctly

Anthony Spencer - he looked quick tonight - spent a lot of time in the backfield - almost made a great play on that tipped pass - tough luck on that once

Players who did not look good:

Nate Jones - got beat inside on a corner route and also mis-judged the deep pass and gave up a TD

Miles Austin - slipped a few times and then did not get in front of the corner on that INT

Everyone else I would put in the average to above average category...

Overall nice game - we looked strong - did not give the QB much time to settle in at all...

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The new offense...

I was talking to Tim Williams about this tonight in the chatroom earlier...I have heard in a few interviews both radio and print that the offensive philosophy has changed as far as pass progression reads. The old system under Parcells was to look deep and then to check down to the shorter routes. The new system is supposedly the opposite - to look short and work your way up.

I thought this was perhaps lip service but I watched both Romo and Johnson tonight not even look deep at all - they were looking for the underneath stuff first and foremost.


Quiz, not really a poll (so don't look it up.) Which QB has the lowest Career Interception Percentage in Cowboys history?
Roger Staubach
Tony Romo
Danny White
Don Meredith
Troy Aikman
Total votes: 7