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Welcome to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network - join us it's free!

That's me in the picture with Tony Romo. We have participated in a few functions together since 2006 - he is a great guy and a good friend to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network. You can get more detailed information on The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network and hear the story about how I got to know Tony Romo here

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This just in: Romo is not the problem.

Before the Romo-hate starts (and I know it will,) let me just be upfront and say this: Tony Romo's talents are utterly wasted on this crappy team.

In case you were not watching tonight, here is what happened: Romo was sacked three times in his first seven drop-backs. He played with a busted up throwing hand, behind an offensive line with backups (one an undrafted rookie free agent) playing at both guard positions, with essentially no defense on the field at all.

What did he do? He completed 78% of his passes for 289 yards, two touchdowns and a passer rating of 105.9.

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Playing above the level of the opponents - it matters

You can nitpick (and I will,) but you can't say Dallas played down to the opponent's level. They dominated on both sides of the ball throughout the game.

Before you get too caught up in the idiotic TV commentary on the Cowboys' "letdown" in the second half, let's point out something very important: it was not Tampa 15, Dallas 3 - it was clock 1, Tampa 0. Demarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff did not play in the second half. Alex Albright did.

Tim's picture

The Rob Ryan defense (if you can call it that) is all bark and no fight

In a game where Romo clearly outplayed Manning, Murray and Jones (not quite as) clearly outran Jacobs and Bradshaw, and turnovers were even, you'd think the home team would win.

Instead, the all bark no bite Rob Ryan defense collapsed again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

It started with the dropped interception by Newman in the first quarter. In a way, it ended there, as the final margin of defeat was less than the ten point swing caused by that play.

A twelve point lead with 5:41 to play. How do you blow that? At home? With the whole postseason on the line?

Tim's picture

Saved by the Pack. The redheaded genius makes next week a must-win

I am rarely this utterly speechless after a game. I had all kinds of notes about Romo, the defense, injuries to Ware and Robinson, the secondary, the Arizona defense, Larry Fitzgerald...etc. But it all came down to this:

It's 3d and 11 from the Arizona 46. Romo, under pressure, fires a strike to Dez Bryant over the middle for 15 yards and a first down. There are 23 seconds on the clock, and Dallas has two time-outs left.

What do you do, coach?

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Can we please stop the idiotic talk about "December records?"

It's that time of year again. The time when the laziest members of the football media trot out the "Romo's not at his best in December" tripe.


Quiz, not really a poll (so don't look it up.) Which QB has the lowest Career Interception Percentage in Cowboys history?
Roger Staubach
Tony Romo
Danny White
Don Meredith
Troy Aikman
Total votes: 7