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Welcome to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network - join us it's free!

That's me in the picture with Tony Romo. We have participated in a few functions together since 2006 - he is a great guy and a good friend to The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network. You can get more detailed information on The Dallas Cowboys Fan Network and hear the story about how I got to know Tony Romo here

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Just a few brief notes on that disaster in Philly...

For the second time this season, Dallas flipped the previous week's score around. They also managed to turn in another inexplicable loss. It's not the mere fact that they lost which is inexplicable, but the way that they lost. Philly was coming off a bye, playing at home and had their backs to the wall much more so than Dallas. But how was this game not closer than 34-7?


Let's make this quick: Demarcus Ware and Demarco Murray. Maybe Laurent Robinson. That's about it on the positive side. 

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Whether you throw out the records or not, Philly and Dallas are pretty evenly matched

On paper, the two teams' performances are well-matched. They are about equal in "big plays," although the Dallas offense has produced more big plays in the passing game, while Philly has more on the ground. Philly also turns the ball over more, both INTs and fumbles.
Philly's D is better on third down, but that Dallas D has given up fewer points. The defenses are tied with 7 interceptions, but the Dallas D has forced & recovered more fumbles.

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While Demarco Murray catches his breath, let's review the game

Of course, the story of the day was Demarco Murray's 255 yards on 25 carries, breaking Emmitt Smith's 18 year old single game rushing record. Murray set the tone with a 91 yard touchdown on the team's third offensive play of the game. I hope this is a sign of things to come, but I also recall that there have been only five 190+ yard performances in Dallas Cowboys team history, and two of them were by Julius Jones.

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The game, the season and everything...

I've been traveling all week, and haven't had time to comment much on the game. It's probably just as well, because I was pretty disheartened by the loss. Having had a couple days to cool off, I am able to see a few positives - both on the game and on the start of the season; reasons to be encouraged about the possibilities for the rest of the year. 

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In a game of inches, this one inched the wrong way

If you expected the Patriots to turn the ball over four times (including two Brady interceptions,) lose the time of possession battle, and let Tony Romo throw for 317 yards, you are smarter than I am. If you expected them to do all that and win, you are drunker than I am. And I have a pretty good buzz going.


Quiz, not really a poll (so don't look it up.) Which QB has the lowest Career Interception Percentage in Cowboys history?
Roger Staubach
Tony Romo
Danny White
Don Meredith
Troy Aikman
Total votes: 7