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Romo was both goat and hero...again

Tim's picture

There was an old joke that the reason Texas Stadium had a hole in the roof was so that God could watch his team. On a beautiful day, with temperatures around 60, the roof was closed, and Dallas struggled mightily to get past an inferior team.
Memo to Jerry: God is angry.
It is a little tough to assess this game. The 3-7 Dolphins are really not a bad team. They have a tough defense. They have some playmakers on offense. They have a QB that Dallas fans wanted to keep a couple of years ago.
Romo threw two picks, both of which looked underthrown. The first was a floater, meant to drop between the defenders, but instead grabbed underneath by a great leaping catch. The second was to an open Laurent Robinson, but badly underthrown, where nobody but the DB had a chance to catch it.
In the end, Romo led the 4th quarter comeback (again) so he gets to be the hero. His TD pass to Robinson was vintage Romo. His game-winning drive was vintage Romo. Detractors will gnash their teeth because he'd set himself up to be the goat in a "big game." But that didn't happen.
Does it matter? Yeah, a little. But not a lot. Dallas has won four straight, and the pressure is now on the Giants as they head to New Orleans for a Monday night tilt.
Defense was disappointing, special teams was disappointing, offense was disappointing, but the result was not. Once again, it was carries, not yards that gave value to the running game. Once again, it was Romo in the clutch, not Romo in the first half, that decided the game.
I am a little tired of saying I can't wait for (choose one: Tony Fiammetta to come back, Miles Austin to come back, Mike Jenkins to come back, the stadium roof to open...etc.)
But right now Dallas is 7-4, in first place, and I am a little woozy from tryptophan and beer.
And I am thankful.