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Romo's "best game ever?" No, Cris Collinsworth, we disagree

Tim's picture

At ESPN, Tim MacMahon disagrees with Cris Collinsworth (as we all did) for saying during the broadcast that this was Romo's best game of his career. MacMahon lists the following as his choices for top five:

1. Cowboys 27, 49ers 24 (Sept. 18, 2011) - double digit, 4th quarter comeback against top defense – with a broken rib and punctured lung.

2. Cowboys 37, Packers 27 (Nov. 29, 2007) - December game (virtual December) between two one-loss teams for top seed in the NFC on national TV.

3. Giants 37, Cowboys 34 (Dec. 11, 2011) - a loss, but Romo's 141.3 passer rating was the highest in NFL history by any QB who threw for at least 300 yards in a loss. This is the "ball in the lights" game. McMahon fails to point out (as do most commentators, that although we remember that the Cowboys "blew a 12 point lead in the 4th quarter," it was the Giants in the lead at the start of the 4th quarter, and Romo's 3rd TD pass to establish the 12 point lead followed Manning's 4th quarter interception. Just sayin'…

4. Cowboys 37, Falcons 21 (Oct. 25, 2009) - Miles Austin's 2d game as a starter…

5. Cowboys 24, Giants 17 (Sept. 5, 2012) - We've covered this one already.

Well, I am not good at coming up with "top five" lists, but I have a couple more games I'd throw in for consideration:

Sometimes we overlook blow-outs because it looks so easy, but on Thanksgiving 2006, Romo threw a career and franchise record 5 TD passes against a Tampa defense that was still considered respectable. It was also just in the first three quarters. His 148.9 passer rating was also a career high. Last years game against Buffalo was his second best passer rating at 148.4, but more impressively, he completed 88.5% of his passes.

Another Giants game I thought should be ranked up there pretty high – the season opener from 2007 – Romo's first full season as the starter. It was a 45-35 barnburner. Romo threw 4 TD passes on a career-best 14.4 yards per attempt. He also rushed for a TD on a QB draw (if I remember right.) I'll give honorable mention to another Giants game – the loss in December of 2009. Romo completed 74.5% of his career-high 55 attempts for 392 yards with 3 TDs and no INTs.

My final candidate is a personal favorite (and a game I attended) - dealing the undefeated (9-0) Colts their first loss of the 2006 season. Romo's fourth start, he led a 4th quarter comeback (trailing 14-7) to win 21-14. (As a footnote, Romo's first start was also a 4th quarter comeback, although you might not guess that from the game's final score of 35-14…)

Anybody else have candidates for best Romo games? Or at least better games than this week's?

Also, isn't it more fun to debate how the team could be better after a win?