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The sky is falling...

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OK - for everyone worried after that last game - including the Dallas media that I just heard focus on nothing but the lack of momentum going into the playoffs - letś put things in perspective. This team has accomplished EVERYTHING it set out to accomplish before the season started - we have the #1 seed heading into the playoffs.

Also we seemed to do nothing complex at all offensively or defensively - very little motion on offense - very little blitzing on defense. Put that together with other key players being out and an opponent hungry to make the playoffs at home and you get what you would expect - a loss. You have to be on the top of your game and firing on all cylinders to beat almost any NFL team - we were not and we knew that coming into this game so the loss should come as a surprise to noone. The effort was there so that is a positive but we did not design a game plan to try to win this game but instead a plan to show nothing special on offense and defense and to keep everyone out of harms way. Mission Accomplished...

We now need to focus on fine tuning things and getting everyone healthy and prepared to play. Whether or not we can do that - we will see. The new season starts this week and we have every advantage in our favor. There are no more excuses - time to take action and do what you came into this season to do.

It has been a great season and a fun ride - letś enjoy the ride into the playoffs...

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Dude, thanks. At least someone sees this. I'd like to add that without TO this offense is a different team. What might be nice is when/if Glenn gets back in this line up it's going to present another look that opposing teams haven't seen and aren't entirely ready for. Who do you double, how do you do it...

Dallas has the first bye and home field. They have a pro bowl player coming back on the offense that was already playing well this year. Any given Sunday... yes... but this team has as good a chance as any to win this all this year.

Oh, and I should note... if you do fall in to the sky is falling, hopefully you're doing the same thing with a certain 16-0 team. They've looked beatable the last several games too. Talk about pressure. Lose one of the next three and 16-0 means nothing.

Don S.

Don S.

Danny Smith
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Exactly - lots of pressure on our Patriot friends to validate this regular season. Oddly similar to our Mavericks here in Dallas last season and we all know what happened to them...

It will be so nice to watch all the teams battling it out this week so see who earns the right to continue - with our Boys resting comfortably :) That is a luxury for sure!!!

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Danny Smith
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