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Unless the offense shows up, tonight will be anybody's game

Tim's picture

The Cowboys can't use injuries as an excuse against a team that is missing its starting QB, RB, top pass rusher and star WR. Their Center is questionable, too.

We talk a lot about the Cowboys' lack of a running game this year. This stat might help illustrate that: Tony Romo, who averaged 34.2 pass attempts per game through the end of last season, is averaging 41.5 attempts per game this season. That's only third in the league – but the sixth highest all-time. The difference between this year and his career average amounts almost another quarter of football every week.

So, in the worst season of his career, the team is putting it all in his hands more than ever before. Good thing there's solid protection upfront. Oh…right.

So, in the worst season of his career, the team is putting it all in his hands more than ever before against defenses who know that by a more than 2:1 odds, it is a passing play. I'm not saying the team has been wrong to abandon the run. Third and ten following a couple incomplete passes is much better than third and 17 following two runs. I'm just saying defenses don't have to "play honest" against Dallas.

Supposedly, Murray may be back tonight, so maybe this will change. Austin and Ogletree are both likely to play, also. What about newly-signed speedster Anthony Armstrong?

But this can't be like the last Philly game. Yes, Dallas won 38-23, but the offense scored only 17 of those points, and only ten until a come-from-behind TD pass tied the game late in the third quarter. The Cowboys did not "dominate" that game until Defense and Special Teams exploded in the fourth quarter. So if we want all three phases to contribute this time, Offense really needs to step up and do its part.

Do I expect to see that? Hell, I don't know what to expect from the 2012 Cowboys outside of disappointment, but I am actually attending this game, so I have a real investment. I'd sure love to have it pay off.

(Milestone watch: one TD pass gives Romo the franchise record 166th of his career.)