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Whether you throw out the records or not, Philly and Dallas are pretty evenly matched

Tim's picture

On paper, the two teams' performances are well-matched. They are about equal in "big plays," although the Dallas offense has produced more big plays in the passing game, while Philly has more on the ground. Philly also turns the ball over more, both INTs and fumbles.
Philly's D is better on third down, but that Dallas D has given up fewer points. The defenses are tied with 7 interceptions, but the Dallas D has forced & recovered more fumbles.
Philly is averaging 170 rushing yards per game, which does lead the league, but Vick boosts that average significantly with his own 62 yards per game (8.3 per carry) rushing average. Take that out, and The Eagles are getting a more modest 188 per game out their running backs - just about what Dallas is getting. Of Course, you know what they say: "Why take that away? They did it didn't they?" And after all, the Cowboys average is boosted by Murray's otherworldly performance last week.
The bottom line is that if Dallas can contain Vick's scrambles without dedicating extra men to do it, they should be able to contain the running backs, too.
I am really interested to see Nnamdi Asomugha and Miles Austin match up. When Dallas clobbered Oakland in 2009, Miles Austin completely dominated Asomugha one on one, and Asomugha is not having a good year in Philly so far.
They say that in these division games you can "throw the records out," but the fact is that 2-4 vs. 3-3 is only a one game difference anyway. Philly's record seems much worse because of preseason expectations, but they have lost to some pretty good teams, and beaten two of the same teams Dallas has beaten (Washington and St. Louis.)
No matter how you cut it, this will be a real fight.