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Why the Philly game should hopefully be an anomally...

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I have been very busy with no time to write or even any time to review the Philly debacle so anyone who has reviewed the game in more detail feel free to chime in and correct me.

  • Our offense seemed to never have the ball because of the long sustained drives by the Eagles.
  • The Martellus Bennett play was a killer and I officially endorse waiving him immediately. 
  • The defense got gashed a lot on the run but the big killer to me was this...

It seems as though we had many "stops" that would have been stops against any other team in the league. It seems as though we got the Eagles to 3rd and 11 and 3rd and 9, etc many times. Vick would drop back and see that everyone was covered which means against every other team in the league it is either a throw away or a sack and a punt. However, the killer was that at that point Vick would take off running and even outrun pretty fast linebackers to the corner and pick up the first down and sustain the drive.
The defense would then simply get tired which lead to getting blown off ther ball on running plays, etc, etc.
Bottom line it was a horrible game plan to play deep zone to stop the deep pass all game and just allow Vick to either pick us apart or run for first downs. I think Ryan let his ego and arrogance get in the way when game planning to be honest. Since he was having a public exchange with Desean Jackson he was going to make sure Jackson did not make big plays.
Congrats Ryan!  You held down Desean and we got skewered in the process.
I am still a fan of Ryan's defense at this point and I think based on the analysis above we will not see this type of game again.  Trust me - on 3rd and 9 or 11 if we cover everyone against Eli Manning - he is going to be sacked or throw a stupid pick.We do need to gameplan better however for our opponent.
The offense is a different story for a different article - I see some serious concerns here that need to be addressed and these are concerns related to scheme.
Anyway let's hope for a nice rebound game today to get this season back on track!

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