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Is the window even open any more?

Tim's picture

Let's not even talk about talent right now – the three straight seasons at or below .500 tell us enough about the talent. If that isn't enough to get the team to start a serious rebuilding, then how about this: the Cowboys are getting old.

By the time next season rolls around, Tony Romo will be 33 years old. Witten will be 31. Starting fullback Lawrence Vickers will be 30 as will center Ryan Cook. On the defensive line, Kenyon Coleman will be 34, Ratliff 32, Hatcher 31 and Marcus Spears 30. DeMarcus Ware will be 31, as will starting safety Gerald Sensabaugh.

Coming up right behind these elders of the team, Miles Austin, Doug Free and Anthony Spencer will all be 29.

Now, none of them are too old to play, bit they are definitely not going to play any better. All of them are on the down side of their careers. They are also all old enough that they will get hurt more often now, and when they do, they will take longer to heal.

And the roster spots behind them are pretty much sitting empty.

Can Dallas draft a top tier QB with a #17 pick? No. But Dallas never drafts any quarterbacks. I've been beating that drum for years. Other teams keep QBs in development, and the best example of that for the last 25 years has been Green Bay. The Cowboys simply do not care about the most important position on the team, preferring to rely on dumb luck to blunder into a quarterback.

"Everybody knows" that the game is won in the trenches, but while the offensive line has gotten younger since 2010, it hasn't gotten better. The defensive line has just gotten older, and there is no apparent future starter at outside linebacker on the roster.

At Wide Receiver, Dez is the real deal. After him? A bunch of undrafted guys and a 6th rounder.

When you look at this roster, it is seriously difficult to remember exactly what players the team has been drafting because it seems like either very old familiar faces, or street pick-ups across the board.

There isn't enough money to fill in the gaps with free agents, and there aren't enough picks to start over. This is going to be a very long rebuilding process, because by the time the most urgent needs are filled, those 30+year-old players will be retiring.

The longest journey begins with a single step, and in this case, that step is admitting that it's time to rebuild.