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Yes, Cleveland really is a bad team. Washington? They're only one game behind Dallas.

Tim's picture

I know I am usually a silver lining guy, but I have heard so many people explain that "Cleveland is probably better than their record. You know they haven't been getting blown out in their losses."

Cleveland has lost 8 games so far. Five of them they lost by 7 or fewer points, including one in OT.

The Dave Campo Cowboys lost 33 games from 2000-2002. Nineteen of those losses were by 7 or fewer, four of them in overtime. That's about the same percentage of close games as Cleveland's got this year. And guess what? Those Cowboys were bad, and so is Cleveland.

A win is a win, and they're all good, but let's not make it out to be more than it was.

So what about the hated Redskins who come to town tomorrow? Their record says they are only one game worse than the Cowboys, so there is no way you can put them in the same category as the Browns. Add the division rivalry to the equation, and this will be a much, much tougher game. I don't usually predict winners and losers, but I will lay out a couple of thoughts prior to the game:

1. If Ryan tries to rush three and flood the zones against RG3 the way he did against Brandon Weeden, Dallas will get steamrolled, and Griffin will throw for 400 yards. I know we don't play it much, but this may be the week to play some man coverage.

2. Ditto if we try to "spy" him to keep him in the pocket. RG3 has done most of his passing damage from the pocket this year – all of his TD passes.

3. I don't want to overplay the RG3 risk. He has thrown only 12 TD passes in 10 games – four of them last week. But he can play. He has also run for 6 TDs and has only thrown three interceptions. He has also fumbled nine times, losing two.

4. The Redskins average almost twice as many rushing yards per game as Dallas, and Felix and Murray have not been practicing.

5. This is a game where we really need DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer to take over and shut RG3 down, and if Mo Claiborne and Brnadon Carr can't handle the Redskins receivers, then maybe we didn't fix the secondary after all.

6. Something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving? Brian Orakpo is not playing against the Dallas offensive line.

7. Where is Kevin Kowalski? He's played plenty in preseason the last two years, and even had extended time at Center against the Patriots last year. Now he can't even make the game day roster when we are down to our third Center? And don't get me started on David Arkin.

I will not mention all the streaks at stake, because we all know that only jinxes them. Here's hoping it's a Happy Thanksgiving out at Jerryworld.